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Check out our top products

Authentic World Flavours.

Purely Canadian Ingredients.

Exceptional care goes into all of our food products. Everything we make is?unmatched in flavour, quality, and freshness.

Sausage lying on a wooden table

Deliciously different.

SIWIN provides the highest quality in ready-to-eat and quick-cooking meal solutions, with authentic multicultural flavours Canadians love.

Wholesome meets high-tech in SIWIN’s state-of-the-art, federally inspected Alberta processing facility, where we produce our products with exceptional care and the highest food safety standards. In the SIWIN test kitchen, we blend quality herbs and seasonings with the finest cuts of world-renowned Canadian meats. The result is our nutritious SIWIN meat products, unmatched for flavour, quality and freshness.

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We love Canadian meat.

Canada produces among the leanest, most flavourful and nutritious beef, chicken and pork in the world. We’re famous for it, and SIWIN Foods uses only quality Canadian meats and locally sourced ingredients, for goodness you?can taste in every bite.

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Ask for Siwin Products by name

Siwin’s diverse range of delicious Canadian-made meat products is now available at select retailers. If you’d like to see them in your local grocery store, talk to the meat manager. You deserve the very best in locally produced, flavorful snacks and meal solutions, and stores want to carry the items customers demand!

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Food and nutrition links

A small collection of food and nutrition related links you may find useful:

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